Wildlife photography workshops in Norway are in an ideal location, providing amazing opportunities both in summer and winter to photograph some of the iconic species of Scandinavia. Watch white-tailed eagles pick off fish along the coast and fjords, or follow the huge yet graceful moose, or elk, as they move silently through the rugged terrain.

Embark on a wildlife photography workshop or holiday in Norway and you won’t leave disappointed.

Visit Flatanger, on the coast, during the autumn months and you will get to see moose, wolves and possibly Arctic fox. Visiting in the spring will give you the perfect chance to photograph the thousands of returning migratory birds, as well as huge eagles soaring above.

In the boreal forests, during this time, capercaillie and black grouse perform their famous courtship routines known as ‘leks’, a spectacle you would be crazy to miss!

During the winter, take a guided tour with experienced locals to find the surprisingly elusive musk ox, a prehistoric species that once shared the same landscape as mammoths.

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