A wildlife photography workshop in Namibia offers brilliant opportunities to photograph wildlife with unique and stunning backdrops. Described as ‘Africa’s arid Eden’, Namibia is famous for its stunning wildlife, rich biodiversity, and incredible scenery.

Home to some of the best known and most charismatic species on the planet, as well as some lesser known but equally as awe inspiring flora and fauna, Namibia is a must visit destination, and an excellent destination for a photography holiday!

Join a wildlife photography workshop in Namibia and photograph an impressive array of animals, with surreal and striking backdrops. In the vast salt pans of Etosha National Park, you’ll spot elephants, lions, zebras and many other animals with ease, and the photographic opportunities are unique. In the Kalahari Desert you’ll see the famous meerkats as well as cheetah, lions and the rare desert elephants, the largest in Africa. The desert is also home to the oldest plants in the world, Welwitschia mirabilis, a species endemic to Namibia and neighbouring Angola, with estimates putting some specimens being between 1000 and 1500 years old.

Head to the coast towards Cape Cross and you’ll discover the largest colony of African fur seals in the world, ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 animals. Visit during November or December to witness the newly born pups as they explore the beach and escape the hungry jackals and hyenas that search for abandoned young. 

When choosing your wildlife photography holiday to Namibia, you’ll find a range of different itineraries available, and the option of combining wildlife viewing with landscape photography or cultural photography options. With its unique offering on all levels, Namibia is sure to offer you the type of photo tour you’re looking for. 

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