Photography workshops and holidays in Finland do not disappoint. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and head to a country that feels truly wild, then Finland is just the place for it.

There are 10 trees for every single person in the entire world in Finland. 75 percent of the country is covered by forests, and it is these facts that make Finland a must-visit place for nature photographers.

The huge forests of Finland mean that there is a wealth of wildlife to be photographed. There are wildlife photography workshops and tours in Finland dedicated to photographing the country’s signature animals, including brown bears, wolves, and wolverines.

Most of these animals are found in Finland’s ancient Taiga forests. Finland is a prime target for wildlife photographers all year round, and as the seasons change so do the photographic opportunities.

Head to Finland in the early spring to catch bears coming out from hibernation, with snow still covering the ground, or take a photography workshop in the summertime to catch bear cubs playing amongst the cotton grass. The sun almost never sets during the Finnish summer, meaning that the golden hour lasts for hours - can you think of more ideal conditions for wildlife photography?

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