Wildlife photography workshops and tours to Chile won’t fail to excite you. Situated on the western side of South America, this sliver of a country with extreme climates is ideal if you’re looking to take part in a wildlife photography workshop or holiday.

Due to Chile’s extreme length, it has quite a few different climates. This offers photographers a real variety of environments which are home to a host of different species to photograph.

Wildlife photography workshops and tours to Chile are not something to pass up. With its diversity in extreme climates comes some quite fascinating endemic species such as the very shy pudu, or pygmy deer, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world!

Climb aboard a whale-watching boat to try and get a glimpse of the world’s largest animal: the blue whale. The best time to increase your chances of seeing this majestic creature would be to visit Chiloé Island between the months of January and March.
Get seasick quite easily? Try heading to the north of Chile to the Los Flamencos National Reserve in the extremely dry Atacama Desert to see three different types of flamingos.

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