Wildlife photography workshops in Canada will never disappoint. Depending on where you plan your holiday, you’re going to have one of the best vacations of your life!

Environments vary quite drastically throughout this incredible country, and with them so do the species. From elusive coastal wolves fishing on Canada’s Vancouver Island, to humpbacks breaching in Newfoundland, this untamed land will be truly unforgettable.

Wildlife photography workshops and tours in Canada will most often centre around bears and whales. Whether it’s grizzly bears catching salmon on the Pacific coast, or polar bears in Hudson Bay, bear-viewing opportunities are something that Canada can certainly provide.

Nervous to be around the bears? Why not head to the legendary Canadian Rockies in search of marmots, pikas, porcupines, elk, and deer? Or head on over to Quebec to find the gigantic moose! While you’re at it, make sure to give poutine a try: Canada’s national dish!

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