A wildlife photography workshop or holiday in Antarctica is the pinnacle of any photographer’s travels around the globe. The Southern Ocean and great Antarctic continent are often seen as remote wilderness void of life, but there are amazing species for you to see both on land and in the water.

Take a cruise through the many islands along the peninsula and you’ll get a great chance to see the glorious wildlife that has amazed and captivated explorers for centuries.

For the best experiences during a wildlife photography workshop in Antarctica, visit during the end of the Antarctic spring (around the start of December) to see the wildlife at its most active, as well as the chance to experience fresh snowfall. Look to the sea to witness beautiful breaches from orca, humpback and minke whales, as well as the array of seal species including leopard, Weddell, crabeater and the enormous elephant seals. A huge number of sea birds migrate here, such as the charismatic albatross and striking blue-eyed shags.

But the reason why most wildlife photographers flock to the most southerly continent on the planet is for the countless number of penguins that live year-round in the icy waters along the coast. The energetic Southern rockhopper and Adélie penguins scamper hurriedly between the rocks as the impressive and elegant king and emperor penguins bask in the warming summer sun. Don't forget to visit Deception Island to see colonies of chinstrap penguins make their nests along the volcanic rocks of the caldera.

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