The USA is so massive that it has a drastically varied ecology from coast to coast. Deserts, grasslands, forests, and mountain biomes mean that there is a wealth of flora and fauna found across the country.

A photography workshops in the USA has many different possibilities for creativity and the subject you might train your lens onto.

Landscape photography workshops in the USA are rare to disappoint. Whether you like things hot, cold, or more temperate, there is an environment waiting to welcome you and your camera.

Joshua Tree National Park offers views of a distinct desert ecosystem, dotted with cacti and the signature Joshua trees. Head to California for the towering redwood trees, or explore vast sand dunes at Monument Valley.

Go back to the wild at Louisiana swamps, capturing trees that live submerged in water, or check out the Palouse in Washington state for a landscape that would be perfect for a Windows computer wallpaper.

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