Landscape photography workshops in Portugal will likely take you to the stunning coastline. This magnificent country is surrounded by stunning rock formations that seem to jutt from the depths of the crystal clear waters.

Despite being a relatively small country, Portugal sure packs a punch. Be sure to make good use of what the country has to offer while you’re there. It’s sure to be unforgettable.

Landscape photography workshops in Portugal can vary, but likely will incorporate the stunning coastlines and islands.

Madeira is an excellent place to stop off to pick up some interesting landscapes. This small island has consistently attracted tourists and locals to its stunning views and sandy beaches. Madeira is nicknamed the floating garden, and for good reason. Visit Madeira to photograph some of its stunning flora, and if you’re visiting in May be sure to enjoy the Madeira Flower Festival too.

Hiking in the Parque Natural da Serra Estrela is an absolute must. This is Portugal’s largest national park and its altitude is what keeps it cooler during the scorching Portuguese summers. The varied terrain here offers both easy and challenging routes, catering to different experience levels. Be sure to visit this park from May to October to take full advantage of the longer, warmer days.

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