From the extreme mountains of the north, to the beautiful coastlines around the Mediterranean, there are endless reasons to embark on a landscape photography workshop in Italy.

With a rich history, the landscape is filled with ancient architecture and rolling hills, from Tuscany to the Ligurian coast, allowing you to photograph dreamlike scenes wherever you go.

Be sure to take in every environment, from the vineyards of La Dolce Vita to the Alps in the North West, and you will be sure to not leave disappointed.

No landscape photography workshop or holiday in Italy would be complete without a trip to the Dolomites. This amazing mountain range, found in the north of the country, is often referred to as the most photogenic range in the entire world.

Visit during October to experience the best of the autumnal colours and witness the valleys glow gold in the evening sunlight.

For something more relaxed, be sure to head into the dreamy countryside of Tuscany. Val D’Orcia lies at the heart and displays the very best of the winding country roads and isolated villas that epitomise the region.

Visit in spring to witness the gorgeous fields of green grass, dotted with red from the wonderful wild poppies that grow nearby.

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