Landscape photography workshops in Chile can range from quite a few different areas depending on what you’re after. From sparkling blue glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and hot springs to some of the driest deserts on Earth, rainforests, grasslands, volcanoes and endless sandy beaches. You’re surely going to feel spoilt for choice.

If you’re going to do a landscape photography workshop in Chile, be sure to check out Patagonia. Shared with Argentina, Patagonia covers approximately 800,000 square kilometres. It is one of the least populated places in the world and offers a breathtaking variety of different landscape photography opportunities.

Whilst in Patagonia, be sure to check out Torres Del Paine National Park. This national park offers views of glacial lakes, stunning valleys, and towering rock formations. Las Torres are the most recognisable and are the park’s namesake.

Radal Siete Tazas National Park is another not-to-be missed location. This haven of lush greenery is a contrast to the high mountain vistas of Torres Del Paine. The "Seven Cups," for which this park is named for, will allow you to really realise your artistic abilities.

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