A landscape photography workshop in Antarctica is unlike any other. With a ship as your base for most of the trip, you will get the opportunity to photograph the thousands of unique iceberg formations that dominate your view.

The remains of previous expeditions to this continent can be found on the various islands dotted throughout the Southern Ocean. Remaining largely unchanged for decades, they are remnants of a special time in history and enhance photographs of a landscape that is simply unlike any other.

In order to get the most from a landscape photography workshop in Antarctica, look for one that will take you to Paradise Bay - an area of outstanding natural beauty that contains hundreds of pristine icebergs, floating slowly around you as you sail through. Port Lockray, however, provides a much more historic setting in which to photograph. A whaling station at first before being converted to a military base for British forces in World War 2, this natural harbour now contains a museum as well as the striking Port Lockray Post Office, with a backdrop of dramatic peaks and is surrounded by penguins. It is surely one of the most picturesque places in the world.

Sailing through an area known as the Lemaire Channel during certain times of the year, specifically during the Antarctic winter, will give those lucky enough to witness it a once in a lifetime experience. The Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, is an other-worldly display of what nature is capable of. The southern equivalent of the Aurora Borealis seen in Canada and Northern Europe, it is a beautiful array of moving lights in the night sky, dancing and changing colour as they move through the landscape. A true feast for the eyes!

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