Yellowstone Winter Photography Workshop

Yellowstone Winter Photography Workshop

Join us on a Yellowstone Photography Workshop and photograph the park’s wildlife in a stunning wintry setting. In Yellowstone’s unique winter environment, bison wander across vast snow-covered fields and drink in streams that sparkle with ice crystals; foxes jump head first into the snow for hidden rodents; wolves wander the valleys and howl from the ridges; bobcats hunt along the edges of rivers; and elk, river otter, big horn sheep, moose, eagles, snowshoe hare and coyote can all be easily spotted and photographed. It’s a truly incredible setting for wildlife photography.

Apart from the amazing wildlife we’ll photograph, we’ll also capture the frozen landscapes of the park. It’s a true winter wonderland; we’ll photograph hoar frost covering the trees and glistening in the morning light, and steam rising dramatically from the hot springs, geysers and fumaroles.

Yellowstone National Park is one the best places on in the world to photograph wildlife in winter. The photographic opportunities are abundant, spectacular, and diverse, both for wildlife and landscape enthusiasts. Our itinerary is quite flexible; we will have plans on where we want to go each day, but those plans can easily change depending on the wildlife we’ll find.

Throughout this Yellowstone photography workshop, you’ll be guided by acclaimed National Geographic photographer Barrett Hedges, who will offer tutoring along the way.

During Barrett’s tutoring, he’ll discuss many photographic techniques, including those particularly important in the winter. During downtimes, and most of the time we will be out in the field shooting, we will focus on camera settings, photo sharing, and constructive critique designed to help you master the techniques necessary to bring home great images. Since we’ll travel in a small group, the tutoring will be customised to each participant, making the workshop suitable for photographers of all levels.

Key Information

  • Price $4000
  • Duration 6+ days
  • Group Size 5+
  • Date 24/01/2021 - 31/01/2021


  • Brilliant opportunities to photograph wolves, bobcats, elk, eagles, and more
  • Enjoy the winter wonderland that Yellowstone becomes this time of year
  • Receive photographic tutoring by an award-winning wildlife photographer


Day 1: Drive to West Yellowstone

Day 2-4: Ride into the Interior of Yellowstone

Day 5: Drive to the North of the Park and Gardiner

Day 6-7: Drive in Search of Wildlife

Day 8: Travel to Bozeman


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