Pine Marten Photography Hide in Galloway Forest, Scotland

Pine Marten Photography Hide in Galloway Forest, Scotland

Sat 10th October 2020 and Sat 28th November 2020

The pine marten is one of Scotland's most elusive mammals. Join Ron McCombe for your chance to photograph this nocturnal predator in its natural habitat, using a specialist pine marten photography hide.

Photographed under lights from the pine marten hide in Galloway Forest, south-west Scotland, you're able to capture some truly unique shots. The workshop lasts for 4-5 hours, giving you ample time to take a variety of images. Late start after dark, time to be arranged 

Throughout the workshop, Ron will be on hand to help you, if needed, with photography techniques to maximise your chances on the day.

Pine Marten Hide Etiquette

Pine martens are incredibly shy animals, so it's very important to stay quiet in the hide. Please don't bring rustling clothing, or items that rustle. There are also no toilet breaks permitted during the session! We also advise silent shutter modes to be used, and no burst mode to ensure the animal is not scared away.

Being silent means you'll have great chances at the pine marten sticking around for longer, so please remember this when you are booking the session.

Equipment to bring with you

We recommend that you bring 300mm or 600mm prime lenses, or a zoom lens to allow for changing compositions. Bean bags and tripods and useful, too.

Key Information

  • Price £140
  • Duration 1 day
  • Group Size 3
  • Date 10/10/2020
  • Date 28/11/2020


  • Small group size gives greater chance of success, and better tuition to a smaller group
  • Short distance from car park
  • After dark workshop
  • One to One workshops available


This is an after dark workshop, times to be arranged depending on time of year with closure around midnight.

Gift Certificates available for this workshop


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Leonard Esakowitz – February 04, 2019

I had a wonderful time in good company waiting for pine martens to appear. Deep in the dark sky park and approx minus 6 degrees. Will be investing in some warm wellies! Seeing the pine marten ws a special treat and my pics are ok just a bit noisy due to 5000 ISO used. Very pleased I went! Thanks Ron!

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Lee Myers – February 04, 2019

Miles from anywhere, frozen to the core on one of the coldest nights so far this year, but the appearance of the pine marten made the effort well worth it.

Tuition Quality
Value For Money