Mt. Huangshan & Huizhou Photo Tour

Mt. Huangshan & Huizhou Photo Tour

Fall Colors and Ancient Villages of Huizhou Region

Huizhou(徽州) consists Wuyuan county in Jiangxi province and several counties in southern Anhui province, it is famous for ancient streets and buildings in historic villages, such as ancestral temple, memorial archway. Residential buildings in Huizhou attach importance to Fengshui and Yinyang. The Huizhou-style building is one of the most important architectural schools in China, using bricks, wood, and stones as the raw materials. Buildings were always adorned with elegant patterns.

​The fall colors in the area are very attractive at its peak season in November, they provide spectacular backdrop to the ancient villages that dot the landscape.

Mt. Huangshan

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is well known for its scenery, sunrise/sunset, peculiarly-shaped granite peaks, Huangshan pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above. Huangshan is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography. It is a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site.

​The mountaintops often offer views of the clouds from above, known as the Sea of Clouds because of the cloud's resemblance to an ocean, and many vistas are known by names such as "North Sea" or "South Sea”. One writer remarked on the view of the clouds from Huangshan as follows:

“To enjoy the magnificence of a mountain, you have to look upwards in most cases. To enjoy Mt. Huangshan, however, you've got to look downward.”

Key Information

  • Price $3699
  • Duration 6+ days
  • Group Size 5
  • Date 05/11/2019


  • Photograph ancient villages with well-preserved unique architecture and culture heritage.
  • Photograph and stay on top of the most beautiful mountain in China


Day 1: Nov 5  Meet and Greet in the city of Huangshan (TXN), Anhui province, China.

Our photo tour group will meet and greet 7pm at appointed hotel in the city of Huangshan (TXN), to kick start this exciting journey.

Day 2: Nov 6  Huangling Village, Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province

Our bus will pick up the group in the morning, driving to one of the most beautiful villages in China in the fall – Huangling village in Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province. It’s dotted with red leaves of maples, black roofs and white walls. We will walk through and around the village for street and landscape photography. Overnight in Huangling village.

Day 3: Nov 7. Huangling to Shicheng village

Today, we will travel to Shicheng village, a very senic mountain village in Wuyuan county. On the way, we will have multiple stops to photograph, including a unique horse-shoe shaped village.  Overnight in Shicheng village.

Day 4: Nov 8.  Shicheng to Hongcun village

In the morning, the sun rays reacting with cooking smokes at Shicheng village, forms a beautiful painterly looking image. After morning shoot, we drive to the world cultural heritage site – Yi county, Anhui province. Photographing the renowned fall colors in the area and overnight at the hotel inside the ancient village of Hongcun with their traditional architecture.

Day 5: Nov 9.   Street and architectural photography in Lu village and Hongcun village.

Street and architectural photography of ancient Huizhou-style residences at Lu village in the morning, and Hongcun village in the afternoon. Overnight in Hongcun

Day 6: Nov 10.   Hongcun to Mt. Huangshan

After breakfast, we are heading to Mt. Huangshan, taking the gondola to the top of the mountain, and check into the hotel up there. Photographing around 2 unique view points. Overnight in Beihai hotel.

Day 7-8: Nov 11-12.  Full days shooting on Mt. Huangshan

We will photograph the sunrise every day, then walk around and shoot at the Beihai(North Sea) and Xihaiarea(West Sea) viewpoints. Overnight in Beihai hotel.

Day 9-10: Nov 13-14.  Full days shooting on Mt. Huangshan

We are still on the top of Mt. Huangshan, but moving to the front side. Photographing viewpoints around Yupinglou area and several front side peaks. Overnight at Yupinglou hotel.

Day 11:  Nov 15  Transfer to Huangshan Airport (TXN)-Departure.

After sunrise shoot, we will take the Yuping gondola down the mountain. Proceed to Huangshan airport(TXN). End of the trip.

​NOTE: We reserve the right to adjust/alter the itinerary on location, adapting to local weather, light conditions, or sudden local event/situation to better manage time and/or photo opportunities.


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Richard Jioras – April 17, 2019

The China tour was our second tour with William Yu. Our first tour was the Northern Lights in Iceland. My husband is the main photographer, but even I managed to get some great pictures with my little "point-and-shoot." William is excellent at arranging lodging and transportation as well as making sure the group experiences excellent photo opportunities. He assists with travel planning, travel visas and is extremely helpful in making sure everyone in the group has a trouble-free, enjoyable tour. William is also very helpful and instructive when it comes to various photo situations. The images we have taken often exceed our expectations. Our China tour group was only 10 people so we got to know each other well and have made some lasting friendships. We had two Chinese guides arranged for by William that made sure we had the best opportunity for stunning photos The guides and William were so attentive we got to see things the ordinary tourist doesn't see. Working with William not only improved our photography, but introduced us to new and wonderful places.

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