Madagascar Photography Tour: 15-day Island Adventure

Madagascar Photography Tour: 15-day Island Adventure

Madagascar. A dream destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts everywhere. But! It is also a photographer’s paradise! Nature's Light Madagascar travel photography workshop, is about to change all that… You will be capturing images of the friendly lemurs, the colourful chameleons, the gorgeous people, the diverse landscapes, and of course the very famous baobabs.

Emil von Maltitz and Nick van de Wiel, our resident professional, enthusiastic and adventurous photographers will be your tour guides. You will get to experience all the sights, sounds, highlights and contrasts that Madagascar's landscapes have to offer. This magical 15 day photography workshop and tour will take you all over this enigmatic island. The dry west with its enormous baobabs and then the semi-dry tropical forest. From Morondava to Toliara: The baobab forests will take your breath away. The beautiful and untouched white sandy beaches and mangrove forests will be a feast for your eyes as well as your lenses! Then leave the coast, head across the savannas of the South to explore the magnificent Isalo National Park and its rocky hilltops. And further north still, you will complete your adventure in the picturesque Highlands with the terraced rice paddies and unique landscapes.

You’ll get to enjoy an adventurous holiday filled with exotic food, stunning locations to photograph and experience Madagascan Island life. Not to mention the best instructor to participant ratio which maximises your learning with having their one on one tutorship at your fingertips all day long. So there’s no need to worry about your level of experience as a photographer. Whether you might still be a beginner, an intermediate hobbyist or a professional. All levels are catered for.

You will also learn Creative Composition: The Element Approach as well as Balancing Composition etc. The basics to advanced techniques of digital landscape photography and astrophotography. You will also learn how to Paint with Light, create Panoramas and Time Lapses if you so wish. There will also be post production edit sessions with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Key Information

  • Price €5935
  • Duration 6+ days
  • Group Size 5+
  • Date 10/05/2020 - 24/05/2020


  • The ring-tail lemur, Madagascar’s quintessential animal.
  • The colourful chameleons.
  • Morondava’s breathtaking and iconic Baobabs.
  • The picturesque mountains of Madagascar’s interior.
  • Untouched white sandy beaches of the tranquil west coast.
  • The ever-friendly Malagasy people.
  • Terraced rice paddies and their colourful patchwork.


Now, this photography tour is not your typical relaxed and traditional holiday. Prepare yourself for early mornings and late nights (all for your photographic benefit, I assure you). A typical day often runs as follows:

  • 5:00 – 5:30am rise and shine for a sunrise shoot— some days can be earlier.
  • Breakfast after at 8:00am.

The other 4 options, or a combination of all 4, depending on the day run as such:

  • A few hours of relaxation or nap time or download your images
  • Lessons/editing time
  • Comments and critique sessions
  • Travel! There is a LOT of driving

Lunch around about 13:00pm.

4 options dependent on the day:

  • A few hours of relaxation or nap time or download your images
  • Lessons/editing time
  • Comments and critique sessions
  • Traveling to a location for a photo shoot or simply experiencing and enjoying the island.

Afternoon shoots from 15:00pm to about 18:00pm.

Dinner is around 18:30pm.

Possible night shoots from 20:00pm onward.

We cannot stress enough that this really isn’t a typical lazy holiday. Some days will be rather long, but the rewards of joining this workshop are just really phenomenal. The inspiring locations, wonderful fellowship and camaraderie with other photographers, excellent technical guidance and the unique photography opportunities you will have make for a sensational 15 days on the island of Madagascar.


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Betty J Dent – August 20, 2018

Having traveled to more than 100 countries I would rate Emil’s Madagascar Photography Adventure at the top. Madagascar has an “other world” feel beyond description with unusual beauty and photographic opportunities. Emil’s endless energy and knowledge of photography allows him to explain the most complex technical issues in a manner that can be understood by beginners. In summary, Emil has done his research and knows where to be at the right place and time to get that once-in-a-lifetime photo op. You do not want to miss this adventure!

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Kevin Bonnett – August 20, 2018

Travelled in 2018 with Emil. An outstanding experience that just better and better in recollection and as I continue to work on the photographs. Emil is an inspirational leader with boundless enthusiasm, expertise and joy for photography. Crucially, he also knows how to teach and pass all this on. As a destination, Madagascar is unique and endlessly fascinating. The Malagasy people are lovely, and a smattering of French brings friendly cooperation for pictures. The landscapes are dramatic and varied, and while the wildlife is special, it can only be seen in the reserve enclaves. But the wildlife contact is great when you get it. Just don’t come on this trip for relaxation and fine dining! It’s an adventure, although half of the accommodation does provide luxurious interludes. But the lasting memories are in the photos you’ll take. Do go!

Tuition Quality
Value For Money