High Arctic Explorer: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

High Arctic Explorer: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

  • 9 full days - Svalbard (2 days) & East Greenland (7 days)
  • The best of both world’s - great wildlife & incredible scenery
  • Only 54 people = speedy zodiac operations and a convivial onboard atmosphere
  • Photography workshops (complimentary) & kayaking (additional cost)
  • Complimentary parka jacket + post trip voyage journal

Key Information

  • Price $11100
  • Duration 6+ days
  • Group Size 5+
  • Date 26/07/2020 - 09/08/2020
  • Date 30/08/2021 - 13/09/2021


  • Complimentary photography workshops
  • Optional scuba diving and polar snorkelling


Day 1: Longyearbyen

Board the ship in the late afternoon and sail down magnificent Isfjorden.

Days 2-3: Monaco Glacier

Spitsbergen's northwest coast features calving icebergs, historic whaling stations and trappers' camps. Brunnich's guillemots, little auks and kittiwakes nest in their thousands. Reindeer roam tundra dotted with wildflowers like saxifrage, moss campion and bell-heather. Zodiac to gain fantastic views of ice cliffs, including Monacobreen, one of Spitsbergen's largest glaciers. In the north, look for walrus and possibly polar bears.

Days 4-5: Greenland sea

Crossing the Greenland Sea, our expert naturalists and guest lecturers entertain us with fascinating talks on plants, animals and early explorers like Nansen, Andr?e and Scoresby. We keep an eye out for fin whales, encroaching sea ice and seabirds. Relax and prepare for a landing, if conditions permit, on Greenland's northeast coast, home to polar bear, Arctic hare and musk oxen.

Days 6-8 - Greenland

An ice cap covers 81 per cent of Greenland and pack ice, even in summer, may fill northern bays. Ashore, cosy trappers' huts beckon from across the tundra, where musk ox, Arctic hare and eider ducks roam in Kejser Franz Josef Fjord. Lively cascades at Kap Humboldt provide a microclimate for spectacular hanging gardens. Kong Oskar Fjord offers spectacular glacier-carved mountains.

Days 9-11: Scoresby Sund

Reach Scoresby Sund, the world's largest fjord. The huge Greenland icecap continuously sweeps down gigantic glaciers, making it the birthplace for some of the world's largest icebergs! The Zodiacs take you through an incredible maze of icebergs, as you head to the shores for some exciting tundra hikes, and a visit to Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the rare villages of the East Greenland coast.

Day 12: Blosseville Coast and Romerfjord

Sail south along the Blosseville Coast, search for musk ox and narwhals and marvel at the mountain scenery that dominates the skyline. If weather permits, you head for Romer Fjord, a deep waterway with stunning mountain views.

Day 13: Denmark Strait

Sail across Denmark Strait, reflecting on the rich experiences and enjoying the antics of northern fulmars, black-backed gulls, dolphins, orcas and other whales.

Day 14: Reykjavik

Arrive early morning. After breakfast, bid farewell to the ship's crew before your coach transfer downtown or the airport.

NOTE: This itinerary is for guidance only as each voyage will vary depending on ice and weather conditions, and opportunities to see wildlife. Flexibility is key and all part of the adventure of an expeditionary cruise.


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