Chasing a Midnight Sun: 13-day Iceland Landscape Workshop

Chasing a Midnight Sun: 13-day Iceland Landscape Workshop

Iceland is pure, breathtaking, and marvellously simple. It’s no wonder that it is so high on the bucket lists of photographers across the globe. Locations, locations, locations! As one travels across this remarkable island, you are constantly in awe by the magnificence of this incredible country.

This 13-day landscape photography workshop is a literal photographic journey with Nick van de Wiel and Chris Allan. Waterfalls, named and unnamed, in all their splendour. Turquoise seascapes, black sand beaches, volcanic hewn landscapes and impressive mountains — all of these await you in this Viking paradise of old. Iceland is not without its challenges, however: the notorious weather system for one. It's quite possible to spend two weeks there and not see the sun or a patch of blue sky. The travel is also expensive, particularly in the peak tourist season of the Icelandic summer. Hordes of tourists flock to the island. But! The photographic rewards are worth it - hands down. It’s almost a certainty that a photographer might capture and produce some of their most fantastic work there.

Iceland... It is an unforgettable experience.

We’re proud to offer a great instructor to participant ratio, which maximises your learning experience with plenty of one-to-one tuition sessions. So there’s no need to worry about your level of experience as a photographer; whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate photographer, or a (semi) professional, all levels are catered for.

Our Nature’s Light Workshops are about the experience of photography. We are always striving to get our participants to great locations, with great light and preferably without the throng of other people in the vicinity... Hence our chosen travel date; it brings down certain traveling costs (just prior to the height of the summer). Being so close to the Arctic Circle, it makes for extremely short nights with long ‘golden hour’ days. The shooting conditions are usually at a time when most tourists are heading off to bed.

So yes, it does make for weird sleeping patterns during the tour (you will however have time for sufficient sleep and rest periods). But the trade-off is absolutely worth it! Capturing images of mountains, glacial edges, seaside cliffs, volcanic beaches, floating ice-bergs, spiring sea-stacks, waterfalls and even a wrecked DC-3 monoplane! With the least amount of other visitors and with the best possible light.

Key Information

  • Price €7480
  • Duration 6+ days
  • Group Size 5+
  • Date 19/05/2023


  • The beguiling Kirkjufell Mountain and Kirkjufellfoss at its base.
  • The extraordinary ice ‘diamonds’ at sunrise on Diamond Beach.
  • Icebergs jostling for space in Jokulsarlon Lagoon.
  • Amazing waterfalls that belie the imagination at Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss.
  • The eternally dramatic skyline of Vestrahorn Mountain.
  • Fantasy like sea stacks off the dramatic cliffs of Vic.


This tour is not a relaxing holiday... let's just get that out of the way. Photo shoots and/or teaching sessions are of course optional and you may skip some of them if you prefer, but be prepared for some odd shoot and rest times.

Iceland’s prolonged daylight hours will mean that we spend most nights out photographing, and the days sleeping. A typical day looks something like this:

  • 01:00am. Rise and shine for sunrise shoot
  • Return for breakfast around about 07:00am

Four options (or a combination of them) depending on the day:

  • Rest time to catch up on sleep/nap
  • Lessons or guided editing time
  • Comment & Critique sessions
  • Traveling - We have four prime locations that require us driving between them!

Lunch is around 13:00pm (but is occasionally skipped due to large breakfasts and dinners, plus you might be asleep)

Three options depending on the day:

  • A few hours private time where you can rest, have a nap, download your images
  • Lessons or guided editing time
  • Comment & Critique sessions
  • Traveling to a location for a photo shoot or simply experiencing this exquisite country.

Dinner around 18:30pm

Evening shoots from 20:00pm to about midnight

We cannot stress enough that this is not a lazy holiday. The days will be long, but the workshop’s rewards are immense. The phenomenal locations will blow your mind. You’ll share these experiences with the same joy as your fellow photographers. As always, excellent guidance from the instructors, as well as the unique photography opportunities will make this a 13-day Icelandic journey you will not forget.


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Mark Weaver – September 08, 2018

While this was a reconnoitre trip and as such problems, changes, false starts and failed shoots could be expected, however due to the considerable research undertaken by our hosts prior to the trip, these did not occur which is a testament to the groundwork done by this company!

The accommodation was perfect for our needs, the food was acceptable (however, for me, I do feel that Iceland is not the “go to” place for culinary excellence and this minor issue can’t be laid at the door of Nature’s Light,) and the transport was comfortable with good visibility to see the magnificent scenery.

The selected shoot locations covered all the bases and more, including the waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, icebergs, tectonic plates, wild horses, and the most amazing landscapes and coast lines.

The only issue I had, again out of Natures Lights control was the tourists (known by us as The Terrorists) at the iconic but very Instagram-able sites. The early rising put paid to most them most of the time which helped massively.

I particularly liked the ability to stop and shoot scenes that were not planned, but were created by circumstance and conditions which is not possible with highly structured tours. An example of this was a stop at a lake which, due to it being a completely still day, provided us with stunning mirrored images of staggering cloud formations with the horizon between. Another was at an Ox bow in a river with a newly harvested field in the middle all at sun set with nearby natural steam vents visible. Where else could you see that sort of image?

This is my second trip with Nature’s light and as previously, the organisers were helpful, encouraging, enthusiastic and very entertaining and I have to say that the client mix was yet again first class with everyone mucking in and enjoying each other’s company, as well as helping out those who are not as proficient…like me.

It has to be said that this is not a trip for the faint hearted, due to the light, the weather, the distances involved and the time that you have to be out of your warm bed to make the most of the shoots, it is hard work but with the assistance of the Nature’s Light team it was absolutely worth it and my comfort in using, and dare I say it, my skills with my camera have improved vastly which has resulted in images that I would never have thought I could capture.

With every Trip Advisor or TrustPilot review I do, I end with the most important question…Would I spend my hard earned money to go on this workshop again or advise others to do so and my response is a resounding YES; in a heartbeat!

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Ansie du Toit – July 14, 2019

This Iceland trip was the first with Nature’s Light. I am not normally a group person, preferring to travel on my own or 1 or 2 friends. But this was simply great. The tour leaders got you to the right places at the right time - at a cost, because it means staying up late and getting up early! I got very tired so I used my prerogative and stayed sleeping once or twice! Ne does not go to Iceland for a culinary tour! But the food was enough and filling.

The tour leaders made the tour! We were a very nice group of people, and a small group of 6, and that helped. But the enthusiasm and willingness to help in all matters is what stands out. They taught me many things on photoshop and about landscape photography. I am definitely going on a tour again next year, I think Madagascar. Was this worth the money? Most definitely!!!

Tuition Quality
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