Brown Bear Photography Hide in Finland

Brown Bear Photography Hide in Finland

Wild Brown Bear is a specialist photography centre for brown bear and wolverine photography in Finland. Situated deep in the wilderness of Finland's ancient Taiga forests, Wild Brown Bear has delighted photographers with its brown bear photography hides since 1999.

Located less than 2 kilometres from the Finnish-Russian border, Wild Brown Bear is very close to the Kostamus reserve found on the Russian side of the border. Consequently, a healthy bear population regularly transitions through this area into the Finnish forests.

The owner of Wild Brown Bear is passionate about the bears, and has ensured that (since January 2016) the area has become a private nature conservation area. This means that all kind of hunting is prohibited, giving brown bears and wolverine a safe place to live.

The photography hides

Brown bear photography workshops are varied through the year, depending on which season you choose to visit. There are a large number of brown bear photography hides on sight, ensuring that you are able to photograph alone if you wish. Each hide has its own unique viewpoint, too. It is recommended that you stay for a duration, switching between hides each night to capture something new.

The season starts at the beginning of April with a white blanket of snow, allowing you to capture the bears emerging from hibernation whilst the wintry conditions are still hanging on. Moving into the green summer, where you can capture icon images of bears amongst cotton grasses, you might get to capture images of cubs moving through the forest areas. Heading into autumn, you can capture images of the bears in beautiful light before they head off for winter hibernation.

This far north, you'll benefit from very long nights. The sun sets and rises very slowly, meaning that you have many hours of beautiful light instead of just one short window. In spring the nights are slightly longer and darker. With each day, day length increases towards summer and the nights of midsummer and bright enough for photography into the small hours.

The photography hides are a short distance from the Wild Brown Bear centre, which provides accomodation on site. A 500-900 metre walk through beautiful forests will take you to your hide for the night of photography.

Top tips for brown bear photography hides

What's the best way to ensure that you get good photos of the brown bears? Even though you can have reasonable expectations of seeing the star of the show, remember that the bears are wild animals. They move freely at their own will and schedule. Therefore, you need patience and must stay completely silent in the hides. Despite their size, brown bears are easily spooked.

The probability of seeing a brown bear from the photography hide during a 3-5 night stay is 90-99% certainty. Depending on the month, each season sees around 20-30 individual bears visiting the hide area.

Some evenings you might even see several bears at once, and you can have a bear just a few metres from the hide (don't worry - you're safe!). In addition to the bears, the hide area is regularly visited by 1-4 different wolverines, foxes, and sometimes by the local wolf pack.

This is a truly magical experience that you will never forget.

Key Information

  • Price €140
  • Duration 1 day
  • Group Size 2


Brown bear photography hide pricing

The beauty of booking directly with Wild Brown Bear is that you are able to customise your stay as best you wish! We provide hide rental, acommodation, and meals during your time with us.


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