Botswana Photography Safari: 12-days in the African Bush

Botswana Photography Safari: 12-days in the African Bush

Join professional wildlife photographers Andy and Sarah Skinner in one of the best places for an African wildlife photography safari: Botswana. During this Botswana photography safari, you will spend 12-days exploring the African bush during the dry season. This period, between July-end October is by far one of the best times to photograph Botswana’s abundant wildlife. Next year we are delighted to be running a number of departures to Botswana, one of our most popular photo tour destinations.

We’ll visit the Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park (including Savute and the Chobe Riverfront), as well as the popular Khwai Concession area (here off-roading is allowed). All the areas visited offer an excellent potential of predator encounters include lion, leopard, and wild dog.

Botswana also offers fantastic opportunities to photograph African elephants in large numbers, plus a wide variety of other African wildlife. For any serious wildlife lover or keen photographer Botswana is a ‘must do’ destination.

Check out the video below to see just some of the sightings experienced in their most recent July 2018 photo safari to Botswana.

We have spaces remaining on two Botswana tours, one in October (at the peak of the dry season, the hottest month but when animals congregate around the dwindling water resources) In addition, another departure in July where temperatures are less high, but still presenting excellent game viewing and photography potential.

Your Guides

This Botswana Photography Safari is led by husband-and-wife team Sarah and Andy Skinner. Who have extensive experience in leading photo tours and a wealth of experience and knowledge within the areas they visit. Between the two of them, they have won a number of awards in internationally renowned competitions – most recently, Sarah won the Mammals category in the prestigious GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

This is the perfect chance to learn from two real experts in the wildlife photography field, whilst in the company of incredible wildlife on safari.

Key Information

  • Price £4385
  • Duration 6+ days
  • Group Size 5+
  • Date 05/07/2020 - 16/07/2020


  • 4 locations for outstanding wildlife sightings
  • Travel at the peak of the dry season where wildlife is easily spotted
  • Photograph big cats and wild dogs
  • 18 extended game drives
  • Only 4 guests per game vehicle for plenty of room
  • Modified vehicles with adjustable platforms to rest camera beanbags
  • Fully serviced mobile camping with ensuite facilities
  • Private camp sites in the heat of the wilderness
  • Private chef and a full team of support staff (so no need to set up your own tents!)
  • River Cruise to photograph abundant bird and mammal life on the Chobe riverfront




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Jacqueline Taylor – September 18, 2018

Andy and Sarah clearly do their homework when it comes to organising their trips. Botswana was a second trip for me with this couple and it did not disappoint in any way whatsoever. They use very good guides/drivers who know their wildlife and where to find it. The actual trip was a brilliant experience. We were all very well looked after in all respects. Both Andy and Sarah look after their guests and are not photographers who are only interested in getting their own shots. I would not hesitate recommending them and will certainly book with them again.

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Kim Smith – September 04, 2018

Having already experienced Andy’s and Sarah’s safari to Kenya, I decided to give Botswana a go. Oh my god what a journey they took me on, unbelievable sights of wildlife and natural beauty. I saw Elephants swimming, I saw my first Wild Dog and Wild Dog pups. I was speechless at some of the sightings. This was one of the best things i’ve done and thanks to them both an amazing trip.The camps and food was 5star, The journeys between the camps was nice as you just sat back watching the scenery. The staff were brilliant also always at hand to help.
I will differently be going back to Botswana

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Jackie Downey – August 27, 2018

Going to Botswana with Andy and Sarah was fabulous. The quality of the wildlife that we saw was amazing given the size of the areas we covered. They use a great local company too – which is very important! The camps were well appointed and maintained by the crew, who happily catered to everyone’s requirements. The sightings were excellent too – we had the wild dogs, amazing leopards, lions, elephants – the list goes on! A trip well recommended.

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Vince Burton – August 26, 2018

Not only are Andy and Sarah great photographers, but they are also great trackers and so knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife. I have been on many safaris, but this one was head and shoulders above the rest.

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Evert D – August 25, 2018

We went to Botswana with Andy and Sarah in 2017 and it was one of the most amazing trips we ever did! 

Expectations of Botswana are always quite high but the place certainly delivers. And more importantly: Sarah and Andy and their chosen local operator deliver too. 

The mobile camping experience is THE way to go in Botswana I think. Much more interesting than going to a super expensive fly in camp (and eventually, you’ll share much of the same reserves anyway), because you are actually out there camping in the bush, hearing lion roar at night and share stories around the camp fire after the drives, yet very comfortable because the wonderful staff puts up the camp and chef Eddy cooks amazing meals every night.

And also much better than driving yourself, because the guides (ours were Moses and Cruise) are super experienced and qualified; you’ll see much much more than when you’re driving yourself. They are great at picking up tracks and finding out where the good stuff is and read the animal behaviour very very well. 

The sightings were excellent; all the big cats (many leopards), wild dogs, huge bull elephants and beautiful birds; it’s all there. What we also liked was the approach of Andy and Sarah; they really make sure you get into position to get the good shots and pro-actively are working with you with tips to make your images better, also during the drives. And they do this in a very pleasant way too. The atmosphere in our group was really good. 

We enjoyed every minute of it; in fact – we might be back for more in the future!

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Esther Streusand – August 24, 2018

The photo safari to Botswana is an absolutely amazing experience! The two main reasons it’s so incredible are the diversity and abundance of wildlife, and the tour operators, Sarah and Andy Skinner.

On this tour in July 2018, we saw leopards for six days straight (admittedly exceptional luck), wild dogs and their pups, lion prides and cubs, young lions and male lion coalitions, elephants in amazing numbers, with adorable youngsters, giraffes, zebras, hippos, lechwe, kudu, impalas, wildebeest and buffalo. And the bird life was fascinating too – everything from rare wattled cranes and ostriches, saddle-billed storks, African fish eagle and other eagles, down to skimmers and kingfishers.

Andy and Sarah are amazing, too. From the first contact I made with questions about the tour, they answered in great detail with descriptions, suggestions where I requested them, and such a cheerful openness that I was confident I had made the right choice. And that confidence was borne out every day on tour. Sarah and Andy made sure of every detail, and advised each of us about photography according to our skill level and our objectives. They are absolutely there for the guests, forgoing what could be wonderful photographic opportunities for themselves to make sure the guest have good views, the right exposures, and insights and information about the animals. I just can’t say enough good things about them – they are all about their guests, all the time.

The local guides were very good and quite knowledgeable, cheerfully answering questions, positioning the vehicles for good photography conditions, and tracking wildlife for early sightings in wonderful morning light to sunset silhouettes. The support team provided a variety of great food and very comfortable tent accommodations set up for us in the three sites – Moremi, Savuti, and Khwai. The last night, with a boat trip on the Chobe River, is icing on the cake, featuring swimming elephants and other mammals, plus a wide variety of birds.

The trip as a whole can be tiring, because you are up before dawn for early morning sightings, out until lunch, taking a short rest break before the afternoon game drive, then out again until sunset. Back at camp before dinner, there’s always a great fire to relax around with a choice of drinks, sharing stories and thoughts from the day. Then a good dinner, and a comfortable camp bed, as good as beds I’ve had in some hotels, to be honest. I don’t begrudge a minute of the lost sleep, as everything is organized to maximize photo opportunities in the field. Take LOTS of memory cards!!

If you choose this trip, prepare to be amazed!

Tuition Quality
Value For Money

Christine Butterworth – August 24, 2018

This trip was amazing – from start to finish. The wonderful position of Thamalakane Lodge, the 9 nights in mobile camps and a great finish on Chobe River. We had some wonderful sightings including wild dogs aplenty, lions swimming, the beautiful young leopard in a tree, elephants galore including swimming, playing, crossing the Chobe River and the list goes on. I would thoroughly recommend this trip to anyone who has a slight sense of adventure. To have lions. leopards, wild dogs etc just wandering through our camp at night, with nothing between us but a canvas tent, was awesome. Apart from great wildlife sightings, wonderful food, sitting round the campfire at night exchanging stories etc., I was absolutely blown away by the night sky. I appreciated very much the fact that both Sarah and Andy were so helpful, showing us new techniques to use without the need to go into Lightroom etc. I can honestly say they are a great couple with a wealth of knowledge about African wildlife. They gave us so much attention, more so than any other photography trip I have been on. Can’t wait until I can do it all over again next year (yes, I’ve already booked)

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